Kids Gift Ideas That Will Knock Their Socks Off!

When my son was little he got a personalized kids book and he loved it. I thought it was a really neat idea. Back then I had never heard of it before (I think they were new then) but now I am seeing them everywhere. The coolest thing I think about them is that it is a gift they can look back on later with great fondness. My son is 11 and loves them I think more now then he did then.

There are so many more options when it comes to personalized children’s books then there use to be. Disney though, probably does it best.

personalizeddisneygiftsFor example, your little one can join Anna, Elsa and Olaf on their Frozen Fever adventure.


Or, if your boy or girl isn’t into Frozen, they can fly around town with¬†Spiderman or even join The Avengers crew.


But then again, if your child loves Disney or Nick Jr. more, then these next two books may be more of their interest.


Whatever you choose, your child WILL love seeing their names in a book. Personalized kids books really make them feel important and a part of something cool. The fact that they are also right next to their favorite character, well, that’s an awesome bonus.

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