Just Stop The Food Waste Already

It’s just kitchen waste,right? You would not think it, in fact your first instinct is to probably throw it out. But did you know that you can actually use broccoli and mushrooms stems, wilted veggies or even orange peels (and not just the zest)? It’s true! And, here is where I will show you how.

How To Stop Wasting Food

MONEY SAVING TIPS: How To Stop Wasting Food

  • Broccoli Stems– Don’t throw away the stems-make slaw. That’s right, you can shred the stems and mix them with coleslaw dressing.
  • Citrus Peels– We all knowzesting an orange or a lemon can add alot of flavor to your dish. Save the zest by covering with water in an ice cube tray and freezing them. Whenever you want them simply add to you beverage or defrost and drain. I even heard you can eat the peel, I have not tried that one.

Extra note: Did you know you can put your lemon peels down your garbage disposal to freshen things up and sharpen the blades. You can, and it smells great in seconds.

  • Beet Greens– Chop and blanch the greens. Roast the beets, then combine them with the greens and add some soft goat cheese. Now you have an awesome salad.
  • Mushroom Stems– Finely chop the stems and use to stretch ground beef.
  • Parsley Stems– I have never really known what to do with these, until now. Simply toss them into a juicer or add them while you are simmering chicken broth. Just remember to strain the broth before using.
  • Wilted Carrots– Refreshing soft carrots is possible. Put them in ice water for a few hours and you can eat them.
  • About To Expire Eggs– If they are just at their expiration date, hard-boil them for a nutritious snack. Plus, they are easier to peel.
  • Softening Fruit– You can freeze bananas and use them in baked goods. Or, dip them in chocolate and then freeze them for a yummy snack later. If you have extra apples or pears, you can peel and core and cook them until soft. Mix them with jam and spread on toast.
  • Fennel Fronds– Use fennel fronds as you would dill on top of salads, in soups, or in your coleslaw.
  • Limp Spinach or Arugula– Blend greens that are wilting with some walnuts or pistachios, add some olive oil and garlic for a nontraditional pesto.

So there you have it. Some practical ways to use items you would otherwise consider trash. Waste not want not as an elder friend of mine use to say.

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