Easy Diy Halloween Decorations

Easy and Do It Yourself Halloween Decorations was the topic of conversation on the Today Show. When Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, editor of Southern Living Magazine, stopped by the Today Show. She had some very creative ideas for last minute Halloween decorations that I thought I would spread it around to all of you.

She added that all that you would need for these Halloween decorations are probably laying around your house.

diy halloween decorations

Even if they are not, all of them are easily accessible and very affordable to get. Love that! You get a very high end look for a very lowed price point.

Do it yourself Halloween Door Wreath Idea

This do it yourself Halloween door wreath starts with tree branches that you can find from your back yard.

Start by painting the branches black and glue them to a circle wreath foam (don’t forget to spray paint that black too). She added that it can be helpful to put longer branches around the wreath first to mark the shape. After you are done you can add plastic Halloween spiders for even more fun :)

Cool Tip: After Halloween you can remove the bugs and spray paint the wreath silver and reuse it for the holidays. How cool it is that!

diy halloween wreaths

Jack O Lantern Jars

What a great use for old Mason Jars! So cute! All you need it orange paint and some black electrical paint or a black sharpie. I suppose you can use tea lights to make them glow but Kimberly suggests tap lights that are adhesive. Stick them to the lid and tap them on, close the lid and they will glow.

diy halloween decorations 2

Label Your BOOZ!

Relabel the alcohol you will be serving at your Halloween party or reuse old bottles you have and add colored water for that spooky touch. For the labels, grab some old postage labels at the store and design them yourself (or you can buy pre-designed ones on Amazon.com ).

halloween bottle labels

Ideas For Decorating Pumpkins!

This was my favorite craft idea of the show segment! Ladies, here is a great use for an old black stocking you might have (or you can get a cheap knee high one at the store for .33 cents!). I saw a picture of one of these on Lauren Conrad’s website, loved it so much, and really wanted one. I am so glad to have found this tutorial to now make it myself.

First, paint the pumpkin stem black and let dry. Then, take a pair of old stockings and cut a hole in the toe. Place your arm in the stocking first and then stick your finger in the hole you created. Now grab the pumpkin stem with your fingers and pull the stocking down off of your arm and wrap it around the pumpkin. So cute. Now in this segment Kimberly used a real pumpkin but I would love to try this with a fake plastic one and use it again and again.

lace stocking pumpkin

How To Make Easy Do It Yourself Halloween Crafts For Kids

Have you spent all of your time preparing for Halloween and getting your child a Halloween custom but forgot the candy bag? Here are a few ideas on how to make one from a segment on the Today Show.

Do It Yourself Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags

Start by taking a yellow sheet of construction paper and cutting out a circle to create a moon. Take double stick tape and place it on a plain brown paper gift bag.

Now cut out some bats from black construction paper and tape them on top of the moon. If you can’t draw one well yourself you can always find clip art online, print and cut them out and use that.

Glitter them up for a little bit of sparkle on Halloween night while trick or treating.

Do It Yourself Halloween Candy Creatures

Grabs some marshmallows, gumdrops and licorice. Take any lolliepop you like, cut up some gumdrops and stick them on the top for a hat. Use some sprinkles for eyes. Let you imagination run wild.

A Cool Tip: Nerd candies make for great noses! Lol, who knew :)

You can use these lollies for centerpieces on your candy table or you can use these candies to decorate cupcakes it’s all up to you.

diy halloween candy decorations

More Halloween Craft Ideas

There were a lot more Halloween craft ideas in this segment and you can watch them here if you would like, plus if I missed any steps you can catch them here.

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