Halloween Cat Cookies

Looking for things on Pinterest to create for this Halloween, and loving to always make interesting things, this cute Halloween cat cookie idea I thought would be a shoe in.

halloween cookiesNot as easy as I thought.


I used ready made cookie mix, and probably I should have went with my own recipe, but I wanted to keep things simple this year. Pillsbury isn’t that bad a mix, in a pinch. Just don’t over work the dough.

Halloween cookiesI did and they became icky, sticky messes that didn’t quite want to form into balls.

GEInto the oven they went. Ten minutes later, I grabbed a fork, and while they were still hot I made myself some whiskers.

GEFor the noses I used peanut butter mms, just because I like the chocolate and peanut butter combo. I know the photo used red hots, but I decided to be different, and beside I am not really a fan of red hots. For eyes, I used candy corn. The only trouble I had with this is that the cookies cooled too fast and that made for candy that didn’t stay put.

GEI think the cookies turned out great, but looking back at it, I realized that I forgot the ears. Oops. Didn’t think about it and actually I am not sure where I would have been able to create them. I am just not skilled like that. That’s ok, I forgive myself. Beside I think there is a breed of cats with no eyes. Right? Maybe not.

Halloween Cat CookiesAnyway, what do you think? What is your favorite cookie to create. Tell me in the comments below.

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