When To Buy Wardrobe Essentials

The other day I was watching Zanna Roberts Rassi of Marie Claire talk about when to buy your wardrobe essentials. Well, I have always wanted to have a master list so I jotted down some notes for this post and will add to it as I find more months to add it.

Wardrobe Essentials

January/ February

The best time to find winter jackets on sale is in the winter months of January and February. Lately, I have actually found February to be the best month with some of the sales starting the last two weeks of January. Why is this? Stores are trying really hard to get rid of winter stock to make room for their spring stock.


Great sneakers sales can be found this month. Why? Well, Summer is coming, most areas who have late winters start to see some warm weather by now and retailers know people are starting to get interested in hitting the pavement again.

Something interesting: Sneakers also go on sale in November. I am presuming it is because of the coming holiday.


Sales on jeans can be found in October. Jeans are really popular in the Summer for some reason and in the early fall, due to back to school. But after that, surprisingly sales dip. That dip means great deals for you and me.

When To Buy Clothing

When shopping for clothing did you know that you can find great sales on clothing if you buy on certain days of the week?


Most people are thinking about work on Mondays, so sales drop. When they do the basic staples go on sale this day. So look for things like women dress pants, sunglasses and electronics. Electronics because manufacturers give discounts and rebates to retailers who then pass on the savings to the consumer.


This is the day for men when it comes to shopping. Studies have shown that, for whatever reason, men do research on the weekends and then buy on Tuesday. I thought that was pretty interesting info. So men, your best deals on guys wear is on Tuesdays.


Wednesday is when women are done with their “shopping diet” (I imagine because the weekend is drawing near). In the stores, that means you can find great deals on this day. Look for things like children’s clothing (because what woman can resist that), jewelry, and shoes.


Thursdays are great for bigger ticket items, so things like handbags will go on sale this day. Why more sales on this day? Well, weekend sales kick in on Thursday evenings and there is shown to be more traffic on Thursdays. Look for some of the best deals on this day.


Fridays are a great day for accessories. Things like scarves and belts are what you should look for here.

Weekend Sales

On Saturday and Sunday you will see big sales on lingerie and swimwear. Why? Well, either it is the freedom people feel on these days or sales are so low on them that they discount the items for bigger sales. Either way, it’s a win win.

More Retail Sales Tips

10 am in the morning is the best time to go shopping in any store because most stores stock the night before. This way you have a great selection and there are not a lot of people. Until midday, where there can be a ton.

Thursday evening is also a great time to go shopping because weekend sales kick in at that time.

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