Bobbi Brown Makeup Tips How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes Fast

Want to know how to get rid of or reduce dark circles under your eyes or at least reduce dark circles? Well, the beauty tips Bobbi Brown offered on makeup when she stopped by the Today Show were great.

She gave great info also about how to get rid of dark circles under eyes fast and even better, she angled the topic towards how to be a little more thankful for what you do have.

How To Reduce Puffy Eyes and Get Rid Of Circles Under Eyes

The first question posed to Bobbi Brown was how to get rid of dark puff eyes so that you can look refreshed and youthful making your eyes stand out more.Bobbi Brown answered the question by first stating that it is a problem we all have. She went on to add that concealer is the “secret of the universe” but her biggest secret is corrector. Corrector under concealer. The reason behind it is that concealer is yellow toned, one shade lighter than your foundation. It is corrector that will in a way correct the darkness under your eyes that make you look tired. She advises that the corrector should either be peachy tone or a pinky tone depending on your skin tone. So basically you use corrector first and then concealer.

How To Make Eyes Pop With Makeup

The next question was a young women who wanted to know how to make eyes pop with makeup and play down her nose with make up tips. First off the girl was beautiful and her nose was not the first thing you saw, Bobbi agreed. Bobbi Brown also said to play up your eyes you should always line your eyes and also use eye shadow. If the holidays are coming up you can also use sparkly colors to make them stand out more. So to recap, in order to make your eyes pop with make up you need to first line your eyes, use eye shadow, use lots of mascara and don’t forget the blush to accentuate your cheek bones.

When To Wear Tinted Moisturizers

Ok, the next topic of discussion was about tinted moisturizer and I am glad it was covered because I have had alot of questions about it. The viewer that asked the question is like me she doesn’t wear alot of make up, mostly eye make up and lip gloss. She wanted to know at 33 if she should wear more make up, like foundation. Bobbi Brown stated if you don’t need (or want to) where alot of make up a tinted moisturizer might be perfect. A tinted moisturizer has SPF in it, and should have a yellow tone to it. It will just simply even out your skin and keep your make up light. She added that one should consider a little concealer because, as she puts it, she hasn’t met anyone who doesn’t look better with a little bit of concealer. One more thing Bobbi Brown added was to splurge a little bit and go to the department store and test out your foundation. That way you know what it is going to look like. Don’t just buy your foundation off the rack. Good tip, I think I will try that.

High Cheekbones and How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

“One of the things you cannot do is change the shape of your eyes, so appreciate your eyes the way they are” said Bobbi Brown. The way to play up your eyes is to take a little bit of shadow and smudge it right above the lash line. As we get older, one can go up a little bit higher. Use alot of really black mascara and as it is drying take your finger and gently curl up your lashes. This really opens up our eyes and makes them pop. I agree, I have been doing that for years.

Bringing Out Your Cheekbones With Blush Make Up

First off, you can not bring out cheekbones that are not there, but you can play up your cheeks. Just pat on some blush make up right onto the apples of your cheeks. When it comes to being more youthful and beautiful, it’s all about the cheeks. But don’t try to paint on cheekbones that don’t exist, advises Brown.

The important thing to remember is, take the focus off of what you don’t have and appreciate and play up what you do have. Embrace who you are.

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MORE SKIN CARE TIPS: On Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti-Aging Skin Care products are plentiful but which product is the best? Which product will get you the best bang for your buck? Which ones are a real anti aging solutions and which ones are just hype? And, are all of those products with all of that stuff in it, really even necessary? I did a little research and found a few simpleanti-aging skin care tips that keep it simple and will go far to keep your skin youthful and vibrant.

  1. Great Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip 1: Exfoliate Regularly- Exfoliating your skins is a great way to revel fresh skin. As we get older, aging skin slows down it’s natural ability to shed dead skin cells. Exfoliating helps to speed up the process. There are many face scrubs out there, I love St. Ives version, because it works really well on my skin. Experiment with different brands and see which one works for you. Which ever you use, you should aim to use the scrub at least twice a week.
  2. Great Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip 2: Get Your Vitamin C– Vitamin C has long been known to boost the immune system and now has found much popularity as an anti-aging skin care must do. The benefits of using Vitamin C on your skin is it’s protection from environmental stressors like the sun and possibly pollution, as well as, brightening your skin and getting rid of age spots and skin damage. There are many skin moisturizers and skin creams out there but the best moisturizer,skin creams, and serums will be the ones that lists “I-ascorbic acid” on their label. This is the type of Vitamin C that is easily absorbed by the skin.
  3. Great Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip 3: Apply Eye Cream– The skin around the eyes is different from the skin on the rest of your face and body, as well as, more fragile. You should be using an eye cream around your eyes instead of your regular moisturizer. I use to think all eye cream were good, but my research as found that it is best to pick an eye cream with retinol in it. It helps to reduce crow’s feet and has long been proven to minimize wrinkles. Do use the eye cream at night however as retinol make skin sensitive to the sun. Also don’t use if you are pregnant.
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