How To Load A Dishwasher

After many years of not having a dishwasher that works I decided to finally get mine fixed. I’m all about delegating now and taking back my time so, in a way, I am delegating washing my dirty dishes (a past time I hate) to my washer.
how to load a dishwasher

But how the hell do you load it right, so you actually have dishes coming out clean and not needing a re-wash?

Well, I did some research and got some tips straight from Courtenay Smith from Readers Digest and the book “Don’t Screw It Up“.

Don’t Rinse Your Dishes
Your dishwasher’s detergent is built to dissolve food and if there is no food there, it will attack your dishes instead.

Don’t Put Wooden Objects In The Dishwasher

Why? It will actually crack them.

Don’t Lay Your Glasses Flat
These items will hold water,

Where To Put Cookie Sheets and Roasting Pans
These go on the sides, lining the bottom rack of you dishwasher. That way they won’t block the dishwasher spinner or the water that washes the other dishes.

More Bottom Rack How Tos
Newer dishwashers space out your dishes to get them clean. But if you have an older washer consider turning the dirty side of the dish towards the center, because it will maximize it’s water exposure.

Knives always face down for safety reasons and forks and spoons always go up. They can all be haphazard that is fine. It’s actually a good thing.

Wine Glasses and Cups
Some glasses are sturdy enough. But putting them into a washer really does depend on how sturdy they are and how well they fit. Place them between the spokes not over the spokes, to keep them more secure. And keep them stem side up so the water drains. The same goes for glass cups as well. You want to make sure they are bottom up as well so the water shoots up the glass and then drains out

Plastic goes on the top because the heat from the bottom will warp them. You want to stand bowls up and don’t overcrowd them so the water can get in from the bottom, wash the dish and drain out. Check your model because some allow you to put bowls upside down if you want.

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