Look! A Key For Santa

You know all of those Christmas catalogues that just magically end up in your mail box just as the Holidays begin? Yes, those. Well one of those catalogues actually became useful this Christmas when I glanced through one of them and found a Santa key.

key for santa

What is a Santa key? Well, it is a key for Santa and an answer to your little’s questions about how Santa gets into your house to deliver presents if you don’t have a chimney. And I think it is so cute!

santa key ornament

I got this golden Santa key at the Lakeside Collection and you can too. But if gold really isn’t your color. I really love this silver vintage key from Old Forge Pewter.

Santa Key _2

It key also comes with a beautiful poem to explain it, which is great. Plus when it came in, the kids just went crazy about it and had to put it up that second. Big smiles!

It is a bigger key (which I didn’t expect) so you might have a question or two about how Santa gets it to fit. I told my son, it was a magical key that fit any door.

You can hang it on your door or hang it as an ornament like we did. I will tell you, at first, we  had it on our front door but after one hard close of the door the key feel down and broke. The key sold at Lakeside Collection was cheaper in cost so I am wondering if it was cheaper made. Perhaps the one from Old Forge Pewter might be better option, or another one sold on Amazon, I don’t know.

Luckily the kids didn’t see it and we were able to superglue it back to together. It looked brand new, but I highly suggest putting it on the tree as an ornament.

If you are interested in a Santa key for your little ones you can get a gold one at Lakeside Collection like I did or choose from a variety of them at Amazon here.

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