The 3 Best Places To Buy Christmas Cards, Part 3

I saved Walgreens as my last but not least choice for buying Christmas cards. Why? Because it’s really not a bad option. I have ordered from them before and the quality really is pretty nice. Definitely a nicer and better quality option than, say, Walmart whom I have also ordered from.


Walgreens prices are excellent and you can even find some really great deals, especially on Black Friday (where cards are 50% off). Their design options aren’t as much as Shutterfly but they are similar. You also only get one option of paper and that is the same photo paper as their prints.

I do believe there is a ship to your home option but don’t quote me on that one. I do know there is no option for them to be mailed to family member’s homes (at least not one card at a time).  I will also say that if you are also looking for a great place to get your prints made this is a great option. Their deal for this Holiday season has been $.10 for 75 prints or more which is my favorite option with them and their photo quality is excellent.


Delivery: I have never had my prints shipped to me so I can’t say anything about this option, but I have picked up my Holiday cards at the store and got them in about an hour.

Customer Service: This has been hit and miss, it really depends on the store and the people who are there. I will say I have had pretty good customer service with them over all.

Bonus: Go through Ebates to put your order in. I missed a deal by one day, and the coupon code was no longer on their site, however it still was on Ebates. I was able to use it and get pretty good cash back for my order.

Note: Consider getting photo gifts also from them, I have seen pretty good quality items come from them. They are inexpensive, a crowd pleaser, and a great gift option for parents and grandparents.

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