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Ordering from mail order food companies, is something I have done one time, but only once. Mostly because I don’t know if I have ever trusted it. For one I was concerned about cost. For another, I was concerned about quality. I mean when you order food online to be delivered to you or as a gift to a friend, will it really get there in good condition? The Today Show put that question to the test and here are the results.

The Today Show had financial editor Jean Chatzky come onto the show and do some research on mail order food from a number of companies and tell Hoda and Kathy Lee which ones were the best for your money and for your time.

Edible Arrangements

First up, Jean ordered a boutique of fruit from Edible Arrangements. The first photo below is one from their site the second is a picture of what was delivered. It looks great. Jean did mention that there were a few differences. The container on the site was white but the color of the container that the boutique was delivered in was orange. Not really a problem unless you are planning on using these as centerpieces for your wedding, then you might want to double check with the company.

Another difference, which turned out to be a benefit, was that the strawberries in their order were actually bigger then the ones shown on their site. Plus, they were fully dipped in chocolate. It’s important to note this company does a great job in taking care of their deliveries, but even the best of care can’t protect you all the time from ever so slight bruised fruit here or there.

So over all, Edible Arrangements is a great mail order food option based on the test. I will second that, as I have heard great things about this company and I have seen a bride use them as her centerpieces during her rehearsal dinner and they were delicious.

Harry and David

A favorite of all three ladies this morning, Harry and David have a product called Tower of Treat. At a cost of $39.95 you get an assortment of merchandise in many different sizes. The only different Jean Chatzky mentioned from the site picture and the delivery were the substitutions made. The company switched out some items they were afraid would melt (like the chocolate covered cherries). It is important to note that it was mentioned on their site that they would do that after the 15th of May. So again, not a big deal unless you really wanted the chocolate covered cherries and got gummy bears. Then that would be a big deal.

Omaha Steaks

Another favorite of many, Omaha Steaks has a product called their Signature Sampler for $59.99. It comes with 4 steaks, 6 burgers, and 6 stuffed potatoes (the thought of that just made me hungry). Everything comes frozen. Jean tried to order from Omaha steaks on Friday for a Monday delivery (for their Tuesday show) and the company refused. But for good reason. The company said to insure freshness the food must be ordered on Monday for a Tuesday delivery. They didn’t want it getting stuck sitting on a doorstep somewhere (the company didn’t know it was going to the Today Show). So kudos to the company for taking care of their customers and the quality of their product. Gotta respect that.

HoneyBaked Ham Company

Last, but not least, is the HoneyBaked Ham Company. Their product the Ham and Swiss Classic ($89.95) only had one difference when it was delivered.On their website, the mustard bottles are glass but when delivered the mustard came in plastic bottles.

Not really a problem in my opinion, because if the glass were to break in the box that would be no fun. However, in my opinion, the company should consider photographing the plastic bottles instead just to make sure there isn’t any disconnect between what you see and what you get. Again, like with the Omaha Steaks, you can not order their product ahead of time. Orders must be put in the day before.

All orders from these companies came on time. But there is one thing to consider. When ordering food for a friend, take the extra step to make sure you know whether or not the person will be home in order to get their food. That way you can insure your friend won’t have food that has gone bad because it has been sitting there for a while.

Another thing to consider when ordering food online is shipping. Some orders could cost you as much as $20 in shipping on top of your order. So plan ahead.

If you would like to watch the video for yourself you can watch it on the Today Show website here.


In case none of these above options are for you, you can always order gift baskets from many online stores like Target. I found this Ghirardelli Chocolate sampler gift basket there and there are many more options to choose from on their site, I recommend you check them out since Target online is always reliable.

So now it’s your turn

Have you ever ordered food online? What is your favorite company to order food from? Tell me in the comments below.

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