How To Catch A Mouse In Your House

It seems like every winter or every really hot summer we get a mouse. It was worse when they did construction near my house. Now, I’m a humanitarian through and through so for me it never set well with me to use one of those traditional mouse traps.

how to catch a mouse in your house

Humane mouse traps (aka no kill mousetraps) were the way to go, but where to get one? So I searched and searched and search until I came across this mouse trap and I have never gotten anything else since.

It is called the Safe Mouse Trap and you can get it at Amazon for $12 or 13. That is right! It’s that cheap and it works like a dream. EVERY time!

Seriously, the best mouse trap I have ever found! If you want to know how to catch a mouse in your house without killing it, this is the mouse trap for you.

You put a peanut butter cracker on one side and latch open the door on the other end. Set the trap near where you have seen the mouse last (I have put it at the space between the oven or on the counter, it doesn’t matter). I have had my mouse trap for 5 years and it is broken and seriously it still catches a mouse, every time.

Just put it out at night, catch them by morning.

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