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How To Save Money On Hotels

how to save money on hotels

I was reading Parade Magazine on Sunday and I came across an article that I thought was really good about how to save money when booking a hotel. With many of us traveling (either for the summer or for the holiday) money saving tips I figure is helpful and much appreciated. So anyway I thought I would share some of the tips from the article I felt were really useful. The article was a great one where they consulted with Anthony Melchiorri from the show Hotel Impossible.

how to save money on hotels

Tip # 1 Use the 14/3 rule

In order to save money booking a hotel room book your room 2 weeks ahead (ie 14 days in advance). Usually hotels have plenty of vacancies around this time. Or, you can book within 3 days of your trip, because this is when the hotel has a real need to fill rooms). For me, 3 days makes me nervous, however there may be real value in doing it. Feel free to let me know if this has worked for you.

Tip # 2 Don’t just book online

You know that you can find some really great deals online, but did you know that if you call the hotel itself and score a great deal as well. You might get deals based on reward programs, special rates for be a AAA member, or deals on certain dates.

Tip # 3 Be Flexible

I have seen this with flights and apparently it works with hotels too. If you shift the date of your trip by a day or two you could save big. Expedia have trip calendars that can help you drill down the best date for your trip. I have used Fare Compares calendar for plane tickets but they might have one for hotels as well. Don’t forget to see if you can combine your hotel with your flight or your hotel with your car. Some have saved as much as 20 to 30 percent doing that.

Tip # 4 Last minute travels don’t have to drain you

We’ve all been there, where we had to book a trip last minute or find a hotel suddenly. Where as last minute buying might send you into fear of how much it could cost it doesn’t have to. Often times if you walk into a hotel you can get a deal because the hotel want to fill a room but often managers will dump empty rooms online, sites like Hotwire and Priceline. One these sites you can get deal like 60 to 75 percent off your hotel room. Just make sure you check the fine print and call the hotel ahead of time to make sure when their check in times are. You want to make sure that if you book a hotel room and have to get in at 2 in the morning they won’t give a way your room considering you a no show.


MORE TIPS: The Benefits Of Using A Credit Card To Save You Money

I have found there to be many advantages of using credit cards and one of them can be to save you money. Looking through Parade magazine this past Sunday I came across an article that I found really useful and thought I would pass on the information to all of you. The article talked about how you can stretch your dollar with your credit card. Really it had alot to do with how your credit can protect your purchases in some really big ways and even save you money. There are 4 credit card perks and I they are:

  • Credit Card Perk 1: You Can Extend Your Warranty For Free- When you make a purchase on things like electronics you usually get a warranty for free or you can purchase one for about a year. Many credit cards will automatically double those one year or under warranties, replacing or repairing the item when they pass the manufacturer warranties. This might be a perk worth looking into as many of us opt to not by warranty or have warranties we don’t even need to use until just past the time that they run out. This happened to me with my computer. At least using this as an option can save you a ton in repairs.
  • Credit Card Perk 2: You Can Forgo Collision and Theft Insurance On Rental Cars- When purchasing a rental car many credit card companies will foot the bill in the case of a fender bender. In the case of theft, some credit card plans will provide up to $50,000 in coverage. Another credit card perk to look into for a least a back up because you never know.
  • Credit Card Perk 3: You Can Protect Your Purchases– Not many people know about this jewel. When you make a purchase of an item on your credit card, many items can be replaced by your credit card company if lost, stolen or broken within the first 30 to 90 days of purchase.
  • Credit Card Perk 4: You Can Get Some Great Discounts –You can get some great discounts on purchases like movie tickets or flowers, as well as, various products from stores like Office Depot, Lowe’s, Apple, and the Gap. All you have to do is go to your provider’s website to find out which stores are apart of these programs.

For more information about Parade magazine visit their website at

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