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The Best Travel Websites To Save You Time, Money and Hassle

best travel websites

I am always looking for the best travel sites out there to book my trips, because I love to travel. Over the years I have tested many, and trust me, they are not all created equal. Even travel sites that advertise on TV I have found to be less then stellar. Here is a list of the newest travel sites out there, try them out and see which ones fit your needs.

The Best Site For Booking Hotels– Here is a great site to find the best deals on hotels. Basically you have hotels bidding for your business. So here is how it works. You pick the place you want to travel and the dates of the trip, your star quality and how much you are willing to pay. Then, when you submit that information, the hotel partners of send you their lowest rates. Mark Orwoll, the international editor of travel + leisure, tried it for himself for a trip to Chicago. He set the price to $150 and within two hours he got 9 bids, not one bid of them more than $110. In fact, one of the bids was for $84 and that was for a 4 star hotel. Nice.– So say you book a hotel and you think you paid a good price, then a day or so later the price for that hotel drops. That sucks right? Well worry not. If you book your hotel through the system checks the hotel price every single day and if the price drops you get an automatic refund. No stress, no worries. Again you have to book your hotel through first for this luxury. But a benefit to that is, tingo is a Trip Advisor company.

Best Travel Websites

Pintrips– Search for your airfare on pintrips (currently you can compare 9 major airline sites). Once you find an airfare you like, you pin it. That pin goes automatically into a folder that you can refer to later. So no more having to re-search every time for a flight. Benefit: your pin updates so you always have an updated price for your trip.– On this site you can find live flight tracking. What does that mean? Well, have you ever had to go pick up someone at the airport only to find out that their flight has been delayed? Then you had to wait until the flight arrived. Well, with you can get up to the minute details about where their flight is and any cancellations or delays that they are experiencing. This site is great because airline emails and text messages aren’t that accurate now a days. Another benefit of this site is that you can download it to your phone and take it anywhere. Now you can know exactly when a flight has left and see exactly where it is in flight and based on all that information, when it is expected to arrive. Pretty cool. Scary. But pretty cool.

Find The Best Seats On A Flight– If finding the right seat on a plane is important to you, then is for you. On this site you can see where your seat will be and find the best one based on the detailed reviews of each space. Green means the best seat, yellow means there is something wrong with it, red means the worst seat on the plane. Find out things like, the seat doesn’t recline perfectly due to the exit row behind it or LCD screens are located on only certain rows, or a certain seat gives you extra room. This site is nice especially if you find yourself taking long trips. Another benefit to this site it is also a Trip Advisor site.

All of these sites are from a list from a segment I was watching on the Today Show.

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