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Decorating Your Walls The Fun Way

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Decorate your home and change your whole perspective. I love nature. I love to go out and be in it and embrace it. I love it even more when I am able to bring nature into my home. I have been known, as many, to bring beautiful flowers from the garden into my home and I have an array of vases around the house.

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Decorate Your Home With Wall Quotes and Nature Wall Decals

I love quotes and I love to have my favorites all over my house. I’m not alone and where as I have a few, my friend will take any quote that inspires here and get them made into a decal to put on her wall. So great. But why make them when you can buy them.

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Flower Wall Decals

I also like flower wall decals, I think they are really, really pretty. There are a ton of great options like this dandelion wall decal. Actually a few of these options below look like dandelions to me but they may be another type of flower. I can see it in a hallway along with the Allium below, but I could also see them on kitchen walls or as a bathroom wall idea.

These are all removable wall decals, a simple peel and stick, and are available in various sizes including this garden reflections wall decal which in my opinion also gives off the look of a canvas without the room required for one. It looks more like an art piece to me, and I would love it to hang in my office next to my computer or in a bathroom as a focal piece. Really it is so lovely I could see it anywhere in the house.

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Decorative Magnetic Boards Can Make For Great Wall Art and D├ęcor

I was at a yard sale the other day and I saw this really cute one on a table. I thought would be really cute to put in my house or really cute to give to a friend. In fact I had actually given a memo board to a friend of mine as a Christmas gift last year and she LOVED it!

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Lot 26 has by far the best section I found. You can really find any board you are looking for to the match any decor style you have. Plus if you are looking for wall decal with those really cool sayings and quote, you can find them there too.

Now the one I gave my friend was actually the memo board with the ribbon like elastic strips on them. If you are like me and have way more notes then can possibly fit on one of those boards then I suggest going for the magnetic ones.

Decorating With Color Made Easy

If none of these options about suit your fancy and painting your walls is more your style, here are a few tips for keeping it simple.

  • Look for what you love – Play around and be inspired. Look around for colors that you love or maybe a color palette you love, I have even picked a colorful pillow or a really cool lamp I loved as an inspiration. When choosing colors it doesn’t have to just paint swatch, I have used a color on a shirt I loved as inspiration for a color to paint my wall.
  • Choose A Shade– Choose the color you love and then, like you would with choosing colors for clothes, keep everything else a light neutral. You don’t have to be an expert in design or choosing color. For the inexperienced simply mix in different shades of your chosen color. One great way to do this I have found it to go to the paint store and find a paint swatch that matches the color you want. Sometimes those swatches come with examples of different shades and some come with coordinating colors. So you can use your main color and add elements in your room that are in the same shade of the color of your choosing. I have found an article about how to use a color wheel take your wardrobe to the next level that talks about the same concept that I think can be used for decorating a room.
  • Less Is More– When it comes to color, less is always more. As a general rule you don’t want more than half of your room decor to be in your color. You don’t want to overpower your space with it. A great example of this is if you choose to paint your wall one color, say red, then your couch should be in a neutral color like tan or beige.
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