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How To Save Your Money At The Grocery Store

Saving Money On Groceries

Finding ways to save money on groceries is becoming more and more important now-a-days as the cost of goods continue to go up but the average person’s pay check stays the same. In light of the bleak tone of what I just said there are many options for you to be saving money at the grocery store. Especially on staple items like milk, butter, eggs, and bread. Things you find yourself having to buy every single week. More so if you have children.

Below are some really great tips I have found from an article I read in All You Magazine that I thought I would share here for anyone who is interested in saving money grocery shopping.

Saving Money On Groceries

Saving Money On Groceries

Save Money On Bread

The magazine suggested looking for buy one get one free deals. Now I personally, have not seen any of these deals in my stores, but I have looked for awesome mark downs and found them. In every store, if you look or ask someone, you will find a section where they have marked down breads that are getting ready to expire or are no longer considered fresh. Stores like Walmart, City Market (King Soopers) and even Safeway have spots reserved for marked down bread. In these sections I have found bread for as low as $.49. My budget for bread is a $1.00 a loaf, and I buy two a week, so when I snag these deals I walk away with four loaves. Awesome! An added bonus, bread freezes really really well. The article mentioned that loaves of bread can last in the freezer for a year. Personally in my house bread never lasts that long :) but I do freeze bread. Like I said I buy two, and I always freeze one as we use the other one. Bread that is not fresh is actually alot better after it has been frozen and thawed out. Try it and see what you think.

Saving Money On Dairy Products Like Milk and Butter

Now many say when you see milk and butter on sale you should stock it up. Personally, I just don’t have the room, and it wouldn’t make a difference, my son could drink milk with the best of them. But butter, now that is a good idea. Something I learned new in the article is that you can freeze butter. I never knew that. I have seen it on sale and gotten it as cheap as $.50 to $.79 with coupons. With deals like that you can get quiet a few and store them in the freezer, and that would be pretty sweet. Also, if you are interested in knowing, eggs can last up to 3 weeks. So if you family eats alot of eggs, you can stock up on these staples too when you see a sale. The article also mentioned that you can freeze milk as well. I, for one, don’t know about that. What do you think? Have you ever tried to do that? How did it turn out? I am curious. I am worried it would be really watered down after you thaw it.

Shop At Convenience Stores (Gas Stations) and Drug Stores

Gas stations sell milk, soda (and surprisingly quite a few staple items like cheese and powdered sugar) at really low rates to bring shoppers in to buy more then gas for their cars. The same deal goes for drugstores like Walgreens, CVS and Riteaid. I have to admit I have shopped at gas stations for last minute items. I did so when I needed the item quick, or I didn’t feel like dealing with the store on a Sunday. So I do know this one is true. Again if you use coupons, you can get things for a steal. Check with your local gas station and see if they accept coupons, I am not sure if they do, but I do know drug stores do.

Stock Up and Save On Cereal

You can find some awesome deals on cereal in September and October on this item. But many of the times if you shop in a store like Safeway, King Soopers, Vons, and Ralfs you can find really great deals on cereal. Sometimes as low as $1.88 a box. Combine it with a $1.00 off on one coupon and you can get that baby for $.88. The same thing goes for if you have a $.50 coupon off of one and your store doubles them up to a dollar. You can find awesome coupons like that at sites like

money saving moms_crystal paine

Note: If you are really interested in saving money then I highly suggest the book The Money Saving Mom’s Budget by Crystal Paine. She is the creator of and I have followed her for years. She taught me all that I know about couponing and, honestly, if not for her website I would have surely given up on it. She is sweet, generous and keeps things very simple. She is the perfect person,in my opinion, to be writing a book on this subject.

Loyalty Saves You No Money

In order to be saving money at the grocery store I had to get over my loyalty to certain brands and be open to trying new ones. This little switched has saved me tons. Often times it is the off brands that are on sale most of the times, and it is these coupons you can find all the time on online sites or in your Sunday paper. Combine the sales in your store mailers with those coupons and watch the money you find yourself spending at the grocery store start pouring off.

To see a great list of companies that send coupons read, Contact These 173 Manufacturers for High Value Coupons. It is by Bargain Blessing and it is the best list I have seen on this subject by far, all the work is done for you.

How To Save Money On Meat

There are two ways to save money on meat. The article suggests going to the store after holidays. For example, the best deals on Turkeys are right after Thanksgiving. However, if you shop at one of the stores mentioned above you can also find really awesome sales before the holidays as well.Another great way to save money on meat is to check out the marked down meats section. The meats that are getting close to their expiration dates. I have found great deals there. I either cook the meat right away or freeze it.

Now, I will choose meat a week or a little less then the expiration date. I, however, don’t feel comfortable buying meat that is due to expired the day after I buy it. You choose what is comfortable for you. Another tip I will give on how to save money on meat is to buy a different kind of cut, for example pork, which is cheaper and for some recipes can be a good substitute for chicken. Also, most of the time people are looking for deals on chicken breast but there are other cuts that are much cheaper and go a long way in meals. I wish I could give you all the tips I have found on how to save money on meat, but I feel the article would go on and on and this one is too long as it is.

Powdered Milk

Keep powdered milk on hand. This part of the article was pretty short but I thought it was worth mentioning for anyone interested in trying it. Many times when baking bread you will find yourself in need of this product for some recipes. You can also use it in gravy and sauces (I haven’t tried that) and also in milk to stretch it a bit. What about you? Have you ever used powdered milk? In what ways?

Shop With A Friend

This last tip I feel is one best noting as I have heard more and more people doing this. The benefit of shopping with a friend is you can buy many staple items like rice, pasta, flour, etc in bulk and split the cost and the item itself. Also, another cool idea is if you have an area for a garden and you have a green thumb, consider each of you planting different crops and splitting the harvest. That can go a long way in saving you money on your grocery bill and giving you fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus it’s fun!

So now it is your turn. I have mentioned above some of my money saving tips for how to save money at the grocery store. What about you? How have you saved money grocery shopping? Share your tips, you never know who you could help.

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